Ten Little Statists

by John E. Dick © 2014

Ten little statists sat around a table to central plan,
set up despotic turfs, use coercive government force, and dine;
One says we must each sacrifice for the common good,
and then there were nine.

Nine little statists gleefully expanded their lust for power to loot,
a community organizer of ranks arose to keep them straight;
One balked at using media, lies, a National Security Agency for such,
and then there were eight.

Eight little statists formed the IRS, EPA, DOE, HUD, and
other ABC gangs to tax and control laymen Mary and Evan;
But one statist quivered about total ownership of everyone’s life,
and then there were seven.

Seven little statists became alarmed of running out of everything,
including deals and other peoples’ money for their welfare fix;
But the crony businessman said his privilege must come first,
and then there were six.

Six little statists yelling we must force each and all
to band together as a democratic mob to stay alive;
But one was caught hoarding and plotting to escape,
and then there were five.

Five little statists instruct their central bank to begin QE in mass,
expanding the fiat money supply by printing more;
But one begun to worry of hyper-inflation and economic collapse,
and then there were four.

Four little statists, one anxious, watched as market bubbles popped,
chaos ensued, riots exploded, producers begun to rapidly flee;
The community organizer tyrannically grinned as the plan unfolded,
and then there were three.

Three little statists were left standing nervously face to face,
a union thug, an academic elitist, a government looter no one knew;
The elitist desperately clung to Marx, Mao, Chomsky, and Alinsky,
and then there were two.

Two little statists stranded with little food and energy to share,
neither able to think or produce or get anything done;
Each had a knife and a club when the lights went out,
and then there was one.

One little statist left all alone in the dark, full of hatred,
very hungry, sick, fear stricken, and nowhere to run;
He ate the last morsel and eventually starved to death,
and then there were none.

Then arose freedom, reason, individual rights, property rights,
capitalist economies, and limited government for all to behold;
So, one little capitalist, producing wares, sat out freely searching
for a peaceful, unrestricted, voluntary trade of value using gold.