One Little Capitalist

by John E. Dick © 2014

One little capitalist, producing wares, set out freely to search for
a peaceful, unrestricted, voluntary trade of value using gold anew;
Another, also a producer, seeking the same trade to earn a better life,
and then there were two.

Two little capitalists foresee as their endeavors expand a need for all,
better factories, transportation, distribution, housing for a century;
An eager industrialist produces, organizes, supplies all at lowest cost,
and then there were three.

Three little capitalists anticipate more farms, food, goods, and services,
for ease of access all over through a large commercial retail store;
A businessman combines all parts in trade, delivery by truck or drone,
and then there were four.

Four little capitalists craft a representative, limited government, only
to protect individual rights, property rights, free markets for all alive;
A profound thinker adds in an objective rule-of-law justice system,
and then there were five.

Five little capitalists in an epic crisis, acting swiftly to help the displaced,
no state aid or interference was allowed by law nor necessary to fix;
A planner of private charity, church and secular, offers new novel ways,
and then there were six.

Six little capitalists want ways to communicate, in commerce and leisure,
for all, from voice to video to internet to satellite to stars of heaven;
An entrepreneur offers innovations so fine at a most competitive price,
and then there were seven.

Seven little capitalists share their sources of knowledge and inspiration,
Aristotle, John Locke, Adam Smith, von Mises, Ayn Rand, all are great;
A freedom loving teacher offers to introduce these to students in trade,
and then there were eight.

Eight little capitalists living free, prosperous, happy, proud, guiltless,
a philosopher observes these positive man-qua-man traits to redefine;
Noting one who loves individual freedom is also, by logic, a capitalist,
and then there were nine.

Nine little capitalists working hard at all hours, day and night, for years,
even they need rest and inspiration to fuel their spirits now and then;
An artist with great skill and passion offers such a vision of life in trade,
and then there were ten.

Ten little capitalists, true and not one crony, earning profit and wealth,
producing careers and jobs for all, including laymen Mary and Evan;
A media reporter writes even her life benefits from everyone’s freedom,
and then there were eleven.

Eleven little capitalists living life in peace and unhampered harmony,
trading for products, services, ideas, gold, and all the tea in China;
Bringing freedom, peace, opportunity to everyone everywhere on earth,
and then there were… well, you get the idea.