Statist Masters Then and Now

Recently, novelist Gen LaGreca gave a very insightful and thought provoking talk at an Americans for Prosperity event that focused on two topics. First, presenting the development, research, and writing of her novel A Dream of Daring, and second, how this research presented an opportunity to show the disturbing parallels of how the statist and collectivist ideas of controlling plantation masters of the past have once again crept into our present-day life enslaving us instead through government control and intrusion. I highly encourage anyone interested in defending freedom and capitalism to view this wonderful video.

For more information on Ms. LaGreca’s novels and writings, visit both her publishing label Winged Victory Press and her blog, Author Gen LaGreca’s Blog. –JD

Capitalism and Christmas: Perfect Harmony

Regarding the Christmas Season:

”The world of economic production and exchange produces a need to escape our awareness of the marketplace – and the market itself meets that demand.”

– B.K. Marcus, editor of the Freeman

What a beautiful picture. The very productive economic system, unfettered Capitalism, that provides limitless possibilities and opportunities in productiveness, achievement, and success for all individuals and the businesses they create, where everyone works so hard, dedicatedly, and passionately — the very system that everyone wishes to escape now and then for their personal refueling needs in the forms of vacations, celebrations, cheer, relaxation, rejuvenation, time with family and friends, and especially for the once-a-year Christmas Holiday Season — the very same system, Capitalism, automatically responds to this most basic need for a break, and provides the very means and alternatives to make the escape and celebration possible. Beautiful.

Capitalism. The perfect harmonious social-economic system.

Presidential Motivations Simplified

These are based on my own personal observations and opinions.
Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s Motivation: Doesn’t hate the U.S., but really doesn’t give a damn about it one way or the other. The core drive here for Hillary Clinton is personal acquisition of wealth by any corrupt means and cost, to acquire political power to keep a corrupt, crony government system alive long enough so that she and Bill can trade and/or sell political secrets, political deals, political favors, manipulations, blackmails, etc., to enable themselves to keep getting “rich, rich, rich” on the back of anyone they can. Hillary Clinton is obsessed with money, prestige, and political power, and no one or no thing will stand in her way – I think she would even encourage war if that will help her become richer. Not a healthy direction for our country, the United States.

In addition, I think President Obama should be worried about a Hillary Clinton Presidency because I think that if she had to, Hillary Clinton would redo or undo everything Obama did if it meant saving her crony government financial-gaining gravy train and connections.

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s Motivation: Already very rich, and earned every penny of it in the private sector. The drive here for Mr. Trump is a personal sincerity and love of the United States of America, an opportunity to fix a badly, broken government system and get rid of government waste, work towards healing a failing national economy, wanting a WIN-WIN situation for all Americans, defend and secure our Constitution, including our Bill of Rights, a desire to protect America, and help create opportunities for greatness in all Americans through reductions in taxes and regulations. Mr. Trump is not the perfect presidential candidate, and is perhaps too much of a mixed-economy type, but under the current context and situation of our country and the world, he is at least focused in the right direction towards more freedom, security, and prosperity in America for all Americans. It is a starting point. As Ayn Rand held, context is everything.

It’s quite simple, really. Major damage to our country has already been done by the Obama Administration. At this point, the only choice left is between Trump or Clinton. It is a choice between a sincere builder who loves America and wants to repair the damage, or a crony politician who could care less about anything except her obsession with wealth and power.

Who in their right mind could vote for Hillary Clinton when she won’t say a word to condemn her own supporters who beat up a poor, homeless, black woman for defending Trump?

Halloween Costume for Work

The other day (as we are approaching that scary time of year), some of my co-workers asked me what sort of costume I was going to wear in celebrating Halloween at work.

I told them that I was coming as The Invisible Man….

I think they are still laughing.


P.S. — Sorry for the few posts now and then, but I’ve been working full-time and also restoring/updating an old 1930’s Bungalow house (60% done) these past couple of years, as well as writing piano music when time allows. A neighbor asked when will my house be done, and I replied “when I’m finished.”

Statist Elitism in One Single Quote

“The British have violated the rules. It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate.”
— President Martin Schultz of the European Parliament, 2016*

It’s no wonder that current political-social-economic events such as the Brexit Vote have begun to surface. Centralized power is beginning to be challenged everywhere, and centralists and their welfare-addicted herds are throwing tantrums as their control and very existence is being threatened. Statist Elitists such as President Schultz of the EU Governance have always scorned and feared individual self-determination, let alone a whole nation group of such individuals.

I have always suggested that these Statist Elitists types harbor an inner “hollow core” empty psyche of hatred, fear, and anger towards themselves, others, and life itself. This is why they are obsessed with control over everything from free individuals to whole nations and economies. Control over people is their only axiomatic purpose in life.

The man after power over people, the ultimate second-hander, to paraphrase Ayn Rand from her novel The Fountainhead.

See my Hollow Core Cartoon from 2010.


* Reported from the Zero Hedge website. See full article at this link.

Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Leave America or Close

By John E. Dick © 2016

1. Heavy Taxes and Fees Burden
— Corporate Taxes, Income Taxes, Property Taxes, Business and Licensing Fees, Additional State and Local Municipality Taxes and Fees, etc.

2. Government Forced Regulations, Controls, and Limits
— Federal Agency (EPA, FDA, etc.) and State/Local Agency Compliance, Additional State/Local Regulations and Controls, Anti-Trust Laws, Forced Family Leave Acts, etc.

3. Labor Costs
— Minimum Wage Laws, Disability Insurance, Social Security & Medicare Tax, ObamaCare & OSHA Compliance, Increased Liability Insurance, Discrimination Liability, Control of Hiring, etc.

4. Litigation Costs
— Increased Legal Fees, Court Costs, Bogus Law Suits, Increased Liability Costs, etc.

5. ObamaCare (The A.C.A.)
— Compliance Costs, Labor Disruptions, etc.

6. Union Thuggery and Unrealistic Demands
— Union Collusion with Government Force, Unrealistic Wage and Entitlement Demands, etc.

7. Excessive Government Welfare Costs
— Growing Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Competition Bailouts, Subsidies, Entitlement Demands, Growing Food Stamps Program, etc.

8. Government Cronyism and Forced Monopolies
— Business not allowed to compete freely because of Coercive Government Law & Force in certain Business Markets, certain Geographic Areas, certain Products and Services, across State Lines, Government Favoritism and Subsidies, etc.

9. Federal Reserve and Government Ruin of the Private Banking System and US Dollar
— Ruin through Regulations, Controls, Interest Manipulation, Fiat Money Expansion (Inflation), Destruction of Private Savings, etc.

10. American Anti-Business and Anti-Profit Culture
— The public using the “Hammer” of Government to “Squash” Evil Businesses, and Redistribute the Wealth and Profits of such Businesses.

Note: All of these factors are attacking Property Rights and Economic Freedom. American Business in general is caught between a rock and a hard place. It is no wonder that their only choices are to get in bed with government (cronyism), risk taking a chance with a foreign government by leaving the US, or simply closing up shop. Hell, I too would either leave or quit if my fellow Americans hated and abused me as much.

“Fugitive from Asteron” Book Review

I love it when I read a new book whose story grabs my attention from the start and captivates me through to the end. It is rare, but I have just read such a book.

Fugitive from Asteron, the latest novel by author Gen LaGreca, is not only a well written and fast-paced science fiction adventure story, it is also a story about love and the rebirth of one man’s attitude and spirit about life as a free individual who was enslaved for years in a faraway tyrannical world. The novel’s basic intrigue, however, arises from the age-old universal struggle of tyranny versus individual freedom, in the eventual conflict of these two opposing worlds, and which of these worlds will survive.

But what I personally loved most about this new novel was Ms. LaGreca’s continual injection of the amazing wonders discovered in the world of freedom by the novel’s main character, Alex, despite his own heroic struggles to save that world. Ms. LaGreca’s wonderful descriptions of the free world’s inventions, private property, prosperity, and the inhabitants’ character and relationships were so enticing. I found myself wanting to learn more and more about the story’s world of freedom, a place where I would want to live.

We normally don’t get to taste such a view of how things could be in a free world from contemporary literature. It is always so refreshing when we do. And my impressions were confirmed from this particular quote in Fugitive from Asteron:

“… I laughed – easily, freely, lavishly, the way we Earthlings do.”


You may order Fugitive from Asteron either as a paper-published version or as an electronic-book version from Amazon.

Also visit the publisher: Winged Victory Press.