80. A Note to All Americans

A NOTE to all citizens of the United States of America, to all individuals, all groups, all organizations, all businesses – as well as to all individuals and citizens around the world where you still possess some freedom, liberty, and rights, especially the ability to vote:

If you want to preserve and protect:

  • your individual freedom, your individual rights, your property rights, your derivative freedoms,
  • your way of life, your individual style of life,
  • your freedom and ability to increase your standard of living,
  • your freedom and ability to keep providing for yourself and your family,
  • your freedom and ability to prosper and make a better life for yourself,
  • your freedom and ability to produce as much wealth and income as you want and/or are able to,
  • to preserve and protect your freedom and ability to work at the best job and/or career possible,
  • to begin and grow your own business,
  • to be able to donate and contribute to your most favorite charities and humanitarian causes,
  • to continue to enjoy your secondary interests, entertainment interests, hobbies, and pastimes,
  • to continue to be able to have access to, purchase, and enjoy all the limitless and amazing variety and abundance of food, and all life-oriented goods, products, applications, services, and resources,
  • including being able to have access to, purchasing, and enjoying all currently available and “yet-to-be-imagined” business products, services, applications, processes, and resources available,

then I strongly suggest that you:

  • shun, denounce, reject, and “VOTE DOWN and VOTE OUT” Statism (socialism, leftist-liberalism, communism, Marxism, nationalism, environmentalism) and all that it stands for, including “voting down and voting out” all and any anti-freedom oriented, statist- and socialist-oriented politicians and government officials, and including any and all of their statist, socialist, leftist-liberal, communist, Marxist, nationalist, and environmental agenda, policies, and programs;

and then

  • support, defend, demand, and “VOTE IN” Capitalism and all that it stands for, including “voting in” all and any freedom-oriented and capitalist-oriented politicians and government officials, including any and all of pro-freedom and pro-capitalist policies and legislation that recognizes, preserves, defends, and protects individual and economic freedom, individual rights, property rights, and derivative freedoms — and re-establishes, and properly limits and controls, a proper constitutionally-limited government, a government that objectively recognizes and protects individual and economic freedom, individual rights, including property rights, and derivative freedoms — not a government that regulates, controls, and violates our life.

If you truly want to “change” America back to the true original intent of our Founding Fathers of a free nation and society, where individual and economic freedom truly exists and flourish for all individuals and businesses, where individual rights, property rights, and derivative freedoms are truly recognized and protected, where there can exist true economic progress, expansion, and prosperity for all, then I highly recommend starting by reading Dr. Reisman’s essay “Toward the Establishment of Laissez-faire Capitalism,” available online from The Jefferson School of Philosophy, Economics, and Psychology website.

Under True Laissez-faire Capitalism, you are truly a free individual human being, with a true protective government, with everything to look forward to in freedom, prosperity, happiness, peace, and life.

Under Statism, you are a collective slave, a slave to the state, with nothing to look forward to but oppression, poverty, misery, tyranny, and death.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free … it expects what never was and never will be.”
Thomas Jefferson, (1743-1826) 3rd U.S. President

Your choice,

Capitalism & Life – OR – Statism & Death.

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