74. Man at His Best vs. Man at His Worst

Capitalism represents Man at his Best.

Capitalism leads to the development, establishment, growth, and preservation of a civilization of freedom, peace, and prosperity.

Capitalism is individual freedom applied and exercised in the social-political context of a free-market economy, with each individual exercising and actualizing their individual rights, property rights, and all derivative freedoms in an unregulated, unrestricted free-market economy. All property is privately owned under Capitalism. Capitalism means a completely unregulated and unrestricted free-market economy, including an unregulated and unrestricted private free-banking system based on a gold standard.

Capitalism is Wealth Production.
Capitalism is Prosperity.
Capitalism is Progress.

On the other hand —

Statism represents Man at his Worst.

Statism (in any of its forms for any reason) leads to the impedance, decline, destruction, and ultimate demise of a civilization, where there exist only oppression, force, tyranny, chaos, and poverty.

Statism is institutionalized slavery – it is collective slavery – with limited or no individual freedom, limited or no individual rights, and limited or no property rights. Under Statism, the individual’s life belongs to the state (government or ruling group).

Under Statism, the state regulates and controls property – from partial to total control.
Under Statism, the state regulates and controls the economy – from partial to total control.

Statism is Poverty.
Statism is Impoverishment.
Statism is Stagnation, Decay, and Demise.

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