63. Immigration under Capitalism vs. Statism

This represents my interpretation, discussion, and commentary regarding the subject of Immigration under Capitalism and Freedom versus under Statism and Force. My comments regarding Immigration under Capitalism come first, followed by my comments regarding Immigration under Statism.

Freedom of Immigration under a true laissez-faire capitalistic nation.

The free migration of peoples to laissez-faire capitalistic nation poses no problems to its citizenry because NO welfare state system(s) exists in any manner what-so-ever, or is allowed to be established or implemented under Capitalism. There is also no system of taxation under Capitalism. In a capitalist nation, all individuals – citizens, immigrants, or foreigners – live free and have the opportunity to develop and use their talents and skills to their fullest extent possible, without government interference, restriction, regulation, or control, or without the fear of being penalized through taxation, fees, or regulation by the government. Everyone’s standard of living benefits from a capitalist nation’s “freedom of immigration” policy because all the extra talent and skill that comes to a free nation increases the level of competition of that nation, and ultimately benefits all associated with it.

Also, Laissez-faire Capitalism, along with the proper freedom of immigration, encourages the Brain Gain effect. See Item No. 58.

All individuals (legal citizens, immigrants, or foreigners) in a capitalist nation must recognize and respect the individual rights, including property rights, derivative freedoms, and economic freedoms of all other individuals and businesses under Laissez-faire Capitalism.

— For an excellent and thorough discussion on this topic, see Dr. George Resiman’s Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics, “Free Immigration,” pp. 362-367, 984-985 (Jameson Books, 1998).


Out-of-control Immigration in a mixed-economy (semi-statist) nation. Limited or No Immigration (into or out of) under a Statist Nation.

The immigration of peoples to a statist mixed-economy nation (such as Canada and present-day U.S.) poses a huge threat and burden to its citizenry because immigrants invade for both the semi-freedom benefits of a regulated, controlled free-market, and the handouts and entitlements from a massive welfare state system, which the legal citizens pay for through coercive government forced massive taxation.

Observe the problems with immigration in present-day United States.

This type of out-of-control immigration forces the already statist government to continually impose stricter laws and regulations on individual and business property rights and freedoms, and increases citizen identification requirements. Again, as with present-day United States.

Also, as Statism increases in a nation, the more controls and restrictions there are on freedoms and immigration – in and out of that nation – until Statism develops to the point of total enslavement of its citizenry, where no immigration, in or out, is allowed, or at the very least, severely restricted (as with China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, etc.).

— For an excellent and thorough discussion on this topic, see Dr. George Reisman’s Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics, “Free Immigration,” pp. 362-367, 984-985 (Jameson Books, 1998).

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