61. Separation of Commerce and State vs. Union

This represents my interpretation, discussion, and commentary regarding the concept of the Separation of Commerce and State versus the concept of the Union of Commerce and State. My comments regarding Separation come first, followed by my comments regarding Union.


Under Capitalism and Freedom, there is no governmental interference, coercive intervention, manipulation, restriction, regulation, licensing, dictating, mandates, or control of any and all commerce and/or business industry, property, procedures, practices, and activities (including health and medicine). Under Capitalism, there is complete and absolute separation of commerce from government, in all manners and in all forms.

The result of economic freedom, with the separation of commerce and state, is complete economic progress, stability, and prosperity.

For a thorough discussion on the topics of separation of state and various private sectors, please see Dr. George Reisman’s Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics, Chapter 20, “Toward the Establishment of Laissez-faire Capitalism,” pp. 969-990 (Jameson Books, 1998).

Reference Item No. 8 and Item No. 28.



Under Statism and Force, there is state (government or ruling group) restricted, regulated, mandated, forced, licensed, controlled, funded and/or operated commerce and/or business industry, practices, and activities – in partial or in total. Statism encourages, promotes, and establishes government regulated and controlled monopolies, which other businesses or industries are not allowed to compete with. The concept of the union of commerce and state is a Statist (socialist, communist) concept.

The result with such (Statist) union is always the same: complete economic demise, chaos, and destruction. A system built on the enslavement and control of people and business (Statism) always leads to tyranny and destruction.

Reference Item No. 8 and Item No. 28.

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