59. Separation of Education and State vs. Union

This represents my interpretation, discussion, and commentary regarding the concept of the Separation of Education and State versus the concept of the Union of Education and State. My comments regarding Separation come first, followed by my comments regarding Union.


Capitalism and Freedom (separation of education and state) represents private, competitive, unregulated, and unrestricted educational programs, schools, institutions, products, and services providing an limitless supply of any and all types of educational needs – including scholarly, medical, engineering, health, trade, technical, and artistic programs and schools.

It is my opinion that under Capitalism and Freedom, there would exist competitive, cost effective, and affordable education provided for all educational needs at all economic levels – driven by the free-market process, not by state (government) mandated agenda and/or subsidies and funding. The basic free-market concept of “Supply and Demand” establishes where educational resources, both monetary and labor, are best applied and most needed – based on unrestricted, individual freedom of choice.

Under Capitalism and Freedom, educational entrepreneurs and businessmen compete in striving to provide the best educational products and services for the best competitive pricing and costs, to all types of different customer’ (students’) needs. Reduction and/or elimination of monetary wastefulness for educational systems.

Freedom of Educational Ideas: Freedom of open competition of any and all educational ideas and/or practices. Any and all types of secular and religious educational programs, schools, organizations, and/or institutions are free to co-exist together peacefully, and free to exist as either for-profit or private charity organizations.

Under Capitalism, there is NO state (government or ruling group) regulation, control, funding, or subsidizing of any educational programs, schools, organizations, and/or institutions. Under Capitalism there is no regulation, control, or censorship by the state (government or ruling group) on any educational material, ideas, approaches, and/or practices.

There are NO state (or government) sponsored, funded, mandated, or regulated (public) schools and/or educational facilities, programs, projects, agenda, or policies under Capitalism. ALL education and schools are private under Capitalism.

For a thorough discussion on the topics of separation of state and various private sectors, please see Dr. George Reisman’s Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics, Chapter 20, “Toward the Establishment of Laissez-faire Capitalism,” pp. 969-990 (Jameson Books, 1998).

Dr. Reisman raises the interesting point that all types of, and approaches to, education and schooling would exist and be available under a truly private education system, and that educators would compete for and provide the best, affordable education schools and programs that there is a demand for – for all types of educational needs and desires.

The economic concept of Supply and Demand under Capitalism, along with Individual Freedom (choice) and no regulation or control of education by any government agencies or departments, would allow for limitless possibilities in the field and market of education, and all related applications, approaches, schools, and programs.

Reference Item No. 8 and Item No. 28.



Statism represents a state/government mandated, regulated, and forced education system — often referred to as the Public School System.

Statism and Force (union of education and state) represents state (government) mandated, forced, regulated, controlled, funded (taxation) and/or operated educational programs, schools, and institutions serving statist politicians, special-interest groups and teachers unions.

It is my opinion that under Statism and Force, the agenda, maintenance, power, control, survival, and self-preservation (livelihoods, jobs, agenda) of the government education system, all related politicians and staff, special-interest groups, and teachers unions become the sole and only purpose, reason, and primary focus, at the expense of any quality education or any good done for the students – feed by an ever increasing, burdensome compulsory tax system to pay for the government education system – with the quality of education abandoned and the terrible affects on students ignored. Any benefit to the students and serious teachers become secondary, or unimportant. This is the logical progression of a state (government) mandated educational system – like any statist program or policy.

The content of the state regulated and controlled educational programs (what is actually taught in the classroom) becomes oriented towards promoting and maintaining the agenda, status quo, policies, survival, and self-preservation of the state controlled education system, all related educational and teachers unions, and ultimately the state itself – AT ALL COSTS.

State regulation, control, and/or censorship of Educational Ideas: The state controls the content of educational material and what is taught in schools and programs, in both “public” and private school systems.

Once a state (government) mandated educational system is in place, it becomes essential to the state to produce a class of citizens, through education, that believe that only the government should and must supply the educational needs of a country. A state (government) mandated educational system is often referred to as a “public” school system.

Very expensive with uncontrollable funding and monetary wastefulness. The basic concept of a government-run (statist) educational system sets the stage for all types of wastefulness – both in practice and funding. The reasons are (1) the government controls the educational system (no accountability) and (2) unlimited taxation of the country’s citizenry provides what seems to be an endless supply of monetary resources to do with whatever the government wishes, chooses, or decrees to do (again, no accountability).

The idea of mandatory state provided (regulated and controlled) “public” education is written in the Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. Also see Dewey.

Reference Item No. 8 and Item No. 28.

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