51. Long-Range vs. Short-Term Planning

The following is a brief discussion regarding how Capitalism and Freedom provide for the possibility of long-range planning versus how Statism and Force guarantee of short-term planning, or no planning at all.

Long-range planning under Capitalism and Freedom

Capitalism encourages rational, objective, purposeful long-range economic and goal-oriented planning, in both personal and business applications, for the benefits and improvements that such planning provides – all this due to a completely unrestricted, unregulated free-market economy, with complete individual and economic freedom. Observe, for example, the growth and planning that has occurred in the United States of America over the past 200 years: plans for personal, enjoyable retirement after 30 to 40 years of working and saving; plans by companies, such as ExxonMobil, who have been around for over 100 years, and are still planning their future for expansion and the next generation of employees; or the freedom to work and personally plan and save enough money after 20 years to finally buy your dream Steinway piano – all such planning is only possible because of the freedom to do so under Capitalism. There are literally millions of such examples of long-term economic and goal planning, past and present – personal and business – and countless successes – all due to individual and economic freedom, and principles of Capitalism. Just open your mind and your eyes, and look around.

Only a free man can make personal plans, especially long-range plans.


Short-term planning under Statism and Force

Statism encourages, if not outright forces irrational and pragmatic short-term economic and goal-oriented planning in personal, business, and/or government applications (the familiar “five-year” plans of previous Soviet Russia, for example) – due to the infringement upon, and control, of the economy, and individual and economic freedom. Statism destroys any incentive for long-term economic and goal planning, in both personal and business applications – there is no guarantee or certainty of what the state (government or ruling group) might do next. Forget about personal, individual planning – it is hard or impossible to do such under Statism. Remember, under Statism your life belongs to the state (government), and there is no room for personal, individual economic ambition and goal planning, or improvement, as the state (government) will plan and provide for you, and confiscate your work, income, and wealth – as well as order you, and force you, to obey that plan. Why plan when you are a slave to the state?

A slave does not, and cannot, make personal plans, and certainly no long-range plans.

Under Statism, individuals spend much of their lives (meaning their time), and any planning energy they may have, avoiding interference and persecution by the statist controlling, coercive government.

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