41. Private Medicine vs. Socialized Medicine

Private, Free-market Medicine under Capitalism.

Capitalism represents private, competitive, efficient, cost effective, life-oriented free-market medicine, medical care and industry, and insurance. Continual improvements in medicine, medical and health care, medical procedures, and health insurance. No licensing of doctors or nurses. No state interference or regulation between doctor and patient, except in criminal and fraudulent cases. Reason, adherence to reality (facts), logic, and objective scientific practices and research increase, and are encouraged, as a laissez-faire capitalist social-political system continues to expand.

Free, open market competition between private enterprises constantly and continually increases the availability, and improves the quality, of medical benefits, products, processes, services, and choices for all people, while decreasing the costs and expenses for all such items (due to the competitive nature of Capitalism, the profit motive, the influence of rational and objective ideas and philosophies, and the pursuit of the rational self-interests of all individuals).

Because there is no taxation under a true capitalist social-political system, there is more disposable income, wealth, and savings available, by all consumers, for any medical and health related products and services they may need.

Socialized Medicine under Statism.

Statism represents State (government) regulated, controlled, inefficient, expensive and monetary wastefulness, life-threatening, dangerous socialized medicine. Constant decline in medicine, medical care, and health insurance. Licensing of all doctors, nurses, etc. Constant state interference between doctor and patient. Constant and continued delays in medical care and service. See Canada, England, Germany, or Cuba as examples of socialized medicine.

The influences of irrationalism, pragmatism, multiculturalism, mysticism, and superstition also begin to affect the quality of medical care as Statism spreads, and government takes over more control of medicine, medical, and health care. Government regulation and control (and the demise of free-market competition) of medicine, medical, and health care constantly and continually decreases the availability, and destroys the quality, of medical benefits, products, processes, services, and choices for everyone, while increasing the costs and expenses for all such items.

I suggest that the United States of America would be diminished to the low-level health care conditions of Canada, England, and/or Germany if proposed government programs such as “National Health Care” or “Universal Health Care” or any type of “Socialist Health Care” are legislated, implemented, mandated, and made law.

Statist-socialized medical systems (as with all types of statist-socialized oriented government programs) are oriented towards the appeasement, maintenance, and preservation of the state (government or ruling group) and all its power and control – NOT towards the medical and health care of the citizenry. Decisions and choices about medicine and health care for the general populace are made by the government, not for the betterment or benefit of the citizenry, but for the benefit and self-preservation of the government – as any and all statist-socialist oriented government programs naturally progress towards (such as a government run, public school system).

Reference Item No. 13.

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