40. Science & Technology in Freedom vs. Force

The following are five examples each of what can develop in the fields of science and technology under Capitalism and Freedom versus what has developed in the fields of science and technology under Statism and Force. The five examples under Capitalism come first, followed by five examples under Statism.

The Science and Technology that Reason, Secularism, Freedom, Peace, and Capitalism have given us – in these FIVE examples:

(1) Incalculable advances in mathematics and physics by Isaac Newton, unhampered by government intervention and regulation. (See Wikipedia.org)

(2) Agricultural science, applications, and techniques are greatly advanced by the research and field work of George Washington Carver. Due to his freedom and the nature of the American capitalist system, Mr. Carver was able to pursue his work and research unhampered by government intervention and regulation. He was able to make a decent living under Capitalism that allowed him the freedom and time to pursue his work, at his choice. (See Wikipedia.org and The Capitalist Manifesto by Andrew Bernstein.)

(3) Incalculable advances and benefits from the development of medicines and drugs to fight bacteria and viruses (such as penicillin, small-pox vaccine, numerous antibiotics, and even modern day medicines such as Clariton® to fight off common allergies). The profit motive ends up benefiting all individuals, both with health and prosperity, in a true capitalist society.

(4) Development of the computer microchip, computer software, and personal computers – improving the efficiency of labor and the use of productive time, including the development and addition of thousands of computer-added, time saving devices and machines, along with the development of completely new industries, the creation of hundreds of thousands of new businesses, and the creation of tens of millions of jobs WORLDWIDE – all a result of the profit motive and a wonderful division of labor society, all occurring under individual and economic freedom (Capitalism).

(5) The amazing development and advancement of the transportation and travel industry, including products and services. Examples: from the prop-plane to the commercial jet airliner, from the horse-and-buggy to the voice-activated luxury personal automobile or limousine, from the advances in the bicycle to the two-wheel Segway®, from steam locomotives to the 300 mile-per-hour commuter speed trains, from the mini-truck to the advanced diesel-engine, 16-wheel, live-in, mega-load hauling tractor-and-trailer rig, from advances in general, racing, and touring motorcycles to the most luxurious of travel RVs to the most luxurious of cruise ships, and now including private-sector space tourism, while at the same time including all the limitless variety of travel-oriented products and services in between, from travel luggage designs to vacation opportunities – all over the world – with competitive customer service and pricing. Again, all the result of the profit motive and a wonderful division of labor society, all occurring under individual and economic freedom (Capitalism).

The Science and Technology that Irrationalism, Religion, Mysticism, Enslavement, Force, and Statism have given us – in these FIVE examples:

(1) In 1633 Galileo Galilei is accused of suspicion of heresy and ordered to prison, but later put under house-arrest at his villa, for the rest of his life, by the Catholic Church – for his heliocentric ideas (the planets circle the sun). The Church banned his works, and the publication of his works, past or future, were forbidden. The Catholic Church at that time insisted that the earth was the center of the universe. (See Wikipedia.org)

(2) Eugenics and Lysenkoism
— From Wikipedia: Eugenics is “a social philosophy which advocates the improvement of human hereditary traits through various forms of intervention.” I would add that the only way this idea was accomplished and implemented was through some form of state intervention (government or ruling group), meaning through state force and control. The most evil and devastating historical example of the application of Eugenics on a national scale was its state forced application in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s, where the Nazis used Eugenics to justify, first, the sterilizing and killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and then later the killing of millions of innocent people. Much less severe examples the state forced application of Eugenics occurred in the United States (1890’s to 1978) and in Canada (1928-1972).
— From Wikipedia: Lysenkoism was “a set of repressive political and social campaigns in science and agriculture by the powerful Stalinist director of the Soviet Lenin All-Union Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Trofim Denisovich Lysenko and his followers, which began in the late 1920s and formally ended in 1964.” Lysenkoism (pseudo-science) also spread into Communist China during this time. The state forced application of Lysenkoism (state application of a pseudo-science on a national scale) in Soviet Russia, during this period, was a devastating impact to that country’s state operated and controlled agricultural industry, where food production was destroyed and state induced starvation was rampant.

(3) International government enforced bans on the chemical DDT causing millions of people worldwide to die every year from the resurgence of malaria. Inconclusive scientific research cannot prove that DDT is actually dangerous (with independent studies finding no harm from DDT), but the results are ignored by governments and their agencies (including the U.S. EPA). Again, statist governments worldwide contribute to the deaths of millions of innocent people by ignoring scientific facts in order to maintain their political power and control over individual freedom and choice.

(4) The present day (2008) Global Warming (climate change) Hysteria. The idea that the alleged “warming” of the earth is due to manmade economic activities and industrialized civilization, where environmentalists, and other statist-oriented individuals and politicians, spew their fear-mongering, hatred-oriented, dogmatic antics that man’s economic progress is dangerous, and must be curtailed, controlled, limited, even stopped, and that man must be governmentally forced into a life of feudalism, or worse. The entire Global Warming Hysteria Movement is riddled with the use of such things as:
– junk science and/or pseudo-science approaches and applications,
– statist-political interference and manipulation of the science community,
– pre-determined accessibility of manipulative political and government research funding and support oriented in favor of environmental and global warming policies and agenda,
– use of incomplete statistical evidence and/or statistical facts deliberately manipulated towards the support of environmentalist agenda,
– deliberate and purposeful use of incomplete climate models and studies,
– along with the deliberate ignoring and avoidance of actual inconclusive scientific data and/or scientific data that disproves the claims of global warming.

(5) Government mandating, subsidizing, and forcing the use of ethanol and other bio-fuels for transportation fuel and energy use, encouraging even more government subsidizing to pay for the manufacturing and distribution of bio-fuels, including encouraging wasteful production costs and wasteful use of resources and materials, such as requiring several times the amount of water to produce, and then creating shortages of food worldwide due to the reckless diverting of corn crops and business funds to inefficient bio-fuel production and distribution.

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