37. Adherence to Reality vs. Avoiding Reality

Capitalism encourages and promotes a life based on:

Rational and critical thinking, fact seeking, purposeful goals, independent thought, intellectual honesty, and purposeful-principled actions.

Living by rational principles, rational thinking, the use of reason and logic, and the desire for emotional harmony based on reality and guided by reason.

Reality-oriented and Reason-oriented ideas, and the individual’s freedom to search for knowledge and truth. A proper constitutionally-limited government under Capitalism also defends and protects the individual’s freedom to search for truth.

Capitalism represents and encourages an adherence to reality, reason, and rational principles.


Statism encourages and promotes a life based on:

Complacency and stupidity, avoidance of facts, ignorance, mediocrity, apathy, blind obedience, dogmas, deceit, and fraudulent actions.

Living by irrational and fraudulent principles, irrationalism and emotionalism, corruption, coercive manipulation, and the avoidance of using reason.

Mysticism, superstition, pragmaticism, and the individual’s avoidance of, along with state control of, knowledge and truth. A statist government controls and/or denies an individual’s freedom to search for truth.

Statism represents and encourages an avoidance of reality, reason, and rational principles – as well as avoiding actions based on facts, rational thinking, and rational principles.

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