22. Earning & Producing vs. Looting & Poverty

The following discussion regards how Capitalism and Freedom encourages the Earning and Producing of Wealth and Property versus how Statism and Force encourages the Looting and Destruction of Wealth and Property (meaning, Poverty). My discussion regarding Earning and Producing under Capitalism comes first, followed by my discussion regarding Looting and Poverty under Statism.

Earning, producing, saving, and accumulation of wealth and property under Laissez-faire Capitalism and Freedom.

Simply put, Laissez-faire Capitalism represents a social-political-economic system that establishes, recognizes, and protects the individual and economic freedom, individual rights, property rights, and derivative freedoms of all individuals and businesses, and where all property is privately owned. Laissez-faire Capitalism represents a true unrestricted, unregulated (laissez-faire) economy, where all commerce and business activities and practices exists, grows, and prosper – completely unhampered by government interference, manipulation, restriction, regulation, mandate, or control. Also under Laissez-faire Capitalism, a proper, objective, representational, constitutionally-limited government is established for purposes of recognizing and protecting all freedoms and rights of all individuals and businesses. In this manner, a Capitalist government’s only sole purpose and function is the recognition, preservation, defense, and protection of individual and economic freedom, individual rights, property rights, and derivative freedoms – through such a government’s only three proper functions: (1) provide a military for national defense and protection, (2) provide police and law enforcement applications for domestic defense and protection, and (3) establish a proper, objective justice system (courts) to render and apply rational, objective rules and laws – all this oriented to the recognition and protection of freedom and rights (including property rights), both individual and economic. This in turn leads to the encouragement of, establishment of, prosperity of, and the expansion of the earning, production, savings, investment, and accumulation of wealth and property – for all individuals and businesses in a capitalist, free society.

Reference Item No. 1, Item No. 2, Item No. 3, and Item No. 4.

The Capitalist Attitude Towards People

In my opinion, true Capitalists do not wish to see people remain poor, destitute, or ignorant. It is in the best of all free individuals’ rational self-interests to see all other free individuals learn to improve their individual lives, learn to love and enjoy freedom, and grow to be productive and prosperous, and gain (earn) self-respect and self-esteem in the process.

Regarding the Mental Orientation of Capitalists

In my opinion, a true Capitalist may experience inner feelings of fear and uncertainty about life and other people, but because of their own self-respect and the respect of other individuals’ life, individual freedom, individual rights, and property rights, he/she would not resort to demanding or seeking control and power over other free, stronger individuals through government force, intervention, regulation, and/or control. Such individuals would do the best they could with their own life and try to continue to improve themselves. But they would not demand that the government “strap down,” interfere with, infringe upon, limit, prohibit, dictate, restrict, regulate, mandate, violate, tax, and control any and/or all other free individuals and businesses, especially those individuals and businesses that are high achievers and who can vastly out-produce and out-perform others.


Looting, poverty, destitution, and destruction of wealth and property under Statism (in any and all of its forms) and Force.

Simply put, Statism represents a social-political system that establishes, implements, and uses coercive government force and control over the freedom and rights of all individuals and businesses (as the individual’s life belongs to the state), and the government regulates and controls a country’s (or geographic region’s) economy. In this manner, a Statist government’s sole and only focus becomes its self-preservation, meaning a Statist government’s only course and function is oriented towards maintaining its political power and control over the citizenry and economy, at all costs. It is my view that because of this, the only outcome, the only result, from the spread of, growth of, and consumption from Statism is the guaranteed (and predictable) contraction and destruction of a country’s economy, along with individual and economic freedom. This in turn leads to the eventual looting, poverty, impoverishment, destitution, demise, and destruction of all wealth and property – of every individual and every business – even for the Statists who cause it in the first place.

Example: While I can list numerous examples of the negative, destructive effects of Statism occurring around the world, in such countries as Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, even Mexico or Sweden, one needs to look no further than what is happening in the present day United States of America. The spread and growth of Statism (socialism, Marxism, and environmentalism) in the U.S.A. is dangerously all-powerful and destroying it – meaning Statism American-style is destroying the individual and economic freedom and rights of all Americans and their businesses, and is in the process of devouring, devastating, and destroying our economy.

Reference Item No. 1, Item No. 2, Item No. 3, and Item No. 4.

The Statist Attitude Towards People

In my opinion, Statists desire to keep people poor, destitute, and ignorant so as to keep their power and control through using government force. Statists do not care about the quality or condition of life of the citizens of their country or regime. They may preach that they do care about other peoples’ conditions and concerns, but they really only care to maintain their own political power and control over other people, by using coercive government manipulation and force – at any expense, at all costs – to avoid their own sad, miserable, inner fears, weaknesses, envy and hatred towards life and towards other stronger, free individuals.

Statists also tend to disconnect their statist ideas, ideologies, agenda, and policies from the actual factual negative, and destructive, consequences and results that occur from applying their statist ideas, ideologies, agenda, and policies through coercive government force (they separate their ideas from reality, from facts). In this way, Statists generally end up blaming others for the destructive consequences and results from their own irrational, negative, evil, and immoral statist ideas, agenda, and policies.

Example: Blaming the free-market (Laissez-faire Capitalism) and President George W. Bush for the current 2008 financial and economic crisis facing the U.S.A., while it is actually the result of the implementation of the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act (the CRA) by Congress in 1977 and signed into law by then President Jimmy Carter, along with other government regulatory interference.

— In this respect, I refer you to a recent essay by Dr. George Reisman titled “The Myth that Laissez Faire Is Responsible for Our Present Crisis,” posted at the Ludwig von Mises Institute website.
— Also, see these two articles:
From Bloomberg.com – “How the Democrats Created the Financial Crisis” by Kevin Hassett
— and —
From City-journal.org – “The Trillion-Dollar Bank Shakedown That Bodes Ill for Cities” by Howard Husock – written Winter 2000.

Regarding the Mental Orientation of Statists

In my opinion, being a statist is all about avoiding reality (facts) and running away from their own inner fears, self-responsibility, uncertainty, and their hatred of life, themselves, and other people – and turning that fear and hatred towards controlling other people while gaining only a false sense of self-worth, no true self-respect, and a continual diminishing self-esteem and hollow, empty self-worth. In the end, it is all about trying to control reality and other people in order to try to help themselves avoid and ward off the eventual dread of facing their own inner fears and hatred, their empty inner self-worth, and their low self-esteem, as long as possible. And they will do it even at the destruction of civilization and the mass murder of millions of people. Statists will do this and more at all costs to try to preserve their political power and personal control over reality, meaning over people.

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