17. Flow of Information – Free vs. Censored

Uncensored flow of information in Capitalism.

Capitalism represents complete freedom of communications and publications – completely unrestricted, unregulated, uncensored. No government intervention, control, regulation, or interference. No establishment of state (government) regulatory or enforcement departments, agencies, or divisions allowed in a true capitalist social-political system. No F.C.C. and No government-based, public radio or television stations.

Capitalism represents the Unrestricted Pursuit of, and Competition for, the Truth.

State enforced Censorship in Statism.

Statism represents state (government or ruling group) intervention, restriction, regulation, interference, and control of most and/or all communications and publications. Courts and police are manipulated and used by the state – and encouraged by both government and certain private sector interest groups who benefit from a Statist system – to control, in any manner possible, the communication, broadcasting, publishing, and flow of information in any form.

Statism represents state (government) controlled and restricted Search for the Truth – or not allowed at all.

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