16. Economic Expansion vs. Imperialism

This is my interpretation, discussion, and commentary regarding Economic Expansion only through Capitalism versus Imperialism only through Statism. My discussion regarding Economic Expansion comes first, followed by my discussion regarding Imperialism.

Peace and Economic Expansion only through peaceful, voluntary, mutual free-market trade and association.

Economic Expansion refers to the free-market process of unrestricted, unregulated economic progress and expansion through the applications of individual and economic freedom, meaning through peaceful, mutual, voluntary cooperation and agreement (or not) between free-acting individuals, organizations, businesses, and nations. There are NO coercive governmental, political, or military policies, interference, restrictions, or actions involved in true economic expansion in a free society or between free nations – only those proper governmental, political, or military policies or actions necessary to recognize, preserve, defend, and protect individual and economic freedom, individual rights, property rights, and derivative freedoms of any and all individuals, organizations, and/or businesses, and to defend against the initiation of physical force, including fraud, by domestic criminals, including defending against any aggressive political and/or military manipulation and invasion by other foreign nations and/or groups.

In a Capitalist nation (meaning a nation of complete individual and economic freedom, protected by a proper, representational constitutionally-limited government), there is no state (government or ruling group) intervention, regulation, or control in trade or commerce. There is only voluntary and peaceful cooperation and agreement (or not) between private individuals, organizations, and/or businesses, without government intervention, force, regulation, or control.

The constitutionally-limited government of a true capitalistic nation is prohibited from expanding its political and military influence through Imperialism, meaning through invasion, plunder, or war, or through any other forceful means – prohibited by a proper, objectively established constitutional document that describes and limits the proper functions of the capitalist government. True capitalistic nations recognize and respect each others’ sovereignty, including individual and economic freedoms, individual rights, and property rights. And corrupt businessmen (crony capitalists) cannot pander to, manipulate, get favors from, or use the capitalist government to engage in force, of any kind, to control and manipulate economic activities and competition, nor use the capitalist government to engage in any form of Imperialism against other nations, for theirs, or anyone else’s, personal or economic benefit.

A true capitalist nation does not initiate war, nor does it need to engage in Imperialism. Capitalism, as a social-political-economic system, presents peaceful, mutual, voluntary cooperation and agreement (or not) between individuals and/or businesses, as well as between other free, capitalist countries and/or territories.

Only Capitalist nations engage in Economic Expansion through peaceful, mutual, voluntary cooperation and agreement (or not) amongst free individuals and free-market commerce.

— For a complete, thorough discussion and defense of Capitalism, peace and free-trade, please see Andrew Bernstein’s book The Capitalist Manifesto, and Ayn Rand’s book Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.

War and Imperialism only under Statism.

Imperialism refers to the statist policies, procedures, practices, and actions (both political and military) of advancing and extending the domination, power, and control of a statist nation through coercive, tyrannical political and military territorial aggression, invasion, war, acquisition, occupation, plunder, and domination – direct or indirect – of other nations, countries, or territories.

A Statist nation (meaning a nation of government force and control of its citizenry and economy) can only survive by eventually expanding its political, economic, military, cultural, and/or religious system beyond its own boundaries (due to its own eventual internal economic and social chaos and collapse), by engaging in coercive political and military aggression, invasion, occupation, plunder, and domination – meaning through WAR and TYRANNY – to conquer, enslave, and spread its political, cultural, and economic control over other nations and/or territories – meaning through IMPERIALISM.

Only a statist nation needs to, and will initiate, War and engage in Imperialism to expand its rule and control, and for its mere preservation and survival.

— For a complete, thorough discussion regarding Statism and war, imperialism, and slavery, please see Andrew Bernstein’s book The Capitalist Manifesto, Part 3: “Polemics.”

Modern-day Examples of Imperialism:

The invasion and occupation of Tibet by China, and the recent invasion and occupation into the country of Georgia by present day Russia are perfect examples of Imperialism. Only statist-oriented nations – from the ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Empires to modern-day military despot nations – engage in Imperialism.

Only Statist nations engage in Imperialism.

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