An Introduction to Welcome You

by John E. Dick © 2008-2030

Welcome to my exposé of comparing Capitalism (with all its benefits) against Statism (and all its destructiveness). This discussion is often referred to as Capitalism vs. Socialism, but that comparison is actually neither accurate nor complete, since Socialism is only one form of Statism. Statism encompasses many systems of force, which I discuss in this work.

This is an American Layman’s interpretation, perspective, thoughts, and commentary regarding the Life and Death Struggle of Capitalism versus Statism, of Freedom versus Force. This site is created in defense of Laissez-faire Capitalism as the only Social-Political System of Individual Freedom, as the only right and moral Social-Political System for all of Mankind, for all individuals and businesses everywhere across the world.

The reader can use the Page Index in the right column as a way of creating a sense of hierarchy in presenting my writings and thoughts regarding Capitalism versus Statism – from beginning fundamentals to final conclusions. Some topic writings are quite long, and some are very short, with everything in-between. I also invite you to visit the items in the top menu for additional writings and entertainment.

My personal and private objective for this project was to formulate and attempt to provide an additional educational awareness for anyone interested in learning what Capitalism and Statism represent, how they differ, and how diametrically opposed they are. I hope you find my work helpful in this endeavor. My educational context is that I am a self-educated layman on the topics of Capitalism and Statism, including general economics, philosophy, history, psychology, and politics. Civil engineering design and drafting was my focused profession for over 25 years, with piano and music composition as my other profession and life-long passion. I now work in the book trades and continue to compose music. As my life’s journey carries on, one pays the bills, one pays the spirit.

I was not paid to write down my thoughts and ideas, nor was I paid to create this site. I did so on my own time, when time allowed. Like using your own money and time to build your own house – meaning you are not paid to build it – you do so in parts when your own funding and time allows. And so with this site – I built it as my free time allowed. Like building your own house, there is that pleasure in seeing the fruits of your own labor come into existence, and so with this site in comparing Capitalism vs. Statism.

I have chosen to build the foundation of this site on the concepts of Capitalism and Statism as fundamentally defined and presented in the intellectual works by philosopher and writer Ayn Rand. Over the past 43 years of my own independent study, I have found that her writings of Capitalism and Statism, along with the writings of economists Ludwig von Mises and Dr. George Reisman, to be the most fundamentally accurate of any I have studied.

In regards to any writing style of my site, there is really only one item I wish to point out. In writing and organizing the body of text, in many areas I deliberately and purposefully repeat over and over and over again certain concepts and ideas, only with the purpose of hammering away at their importance in understanding Capitalism versus Statism.

The method I used to set up my site was loosely based on an interesting architectural idea by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, one he used in laying out and planning the entrances to many of his building designs – a sort of guiding principle that he referred to as creating a “path of discovery.” As you walked through the entrance area of one of his buildings, you were directed to “discover” and notice architectural features, artwork, outside views, display nooks, etc. I think that such a concept can also be useful to help stimulate one’s mind, intellect, imagination, and even encourage one to learn new things, as you walk through an entrance.

My hope is that as you read through my site – as you “walk through” my list of Items “1, 2, 3…” to the end of the list, that my own “path of discovery” might spark your interest to learn more about Capitalism, individual and economic freedom, individual rights, property rights, derivative freedoms, and that you might discover and learn the differences between Capitalism and Statism (based in such ideas as socialism, communism, fascism, religions, aristocracies, etc.), and why Capitalism represents peace, freedom, rights, and life for any and all individual human beings worldwide, and why Statism represents tyranny, force, institutionalized slavery, and death for any and all human beings worldwide.

Before I finish here, I would like to thank some very special people in my life that helped along the way in making this project a reality, from beginning to end. Thanks to my close friends both Beth Haynes and Gen LaGreca, who each in their own way, and out of their busy lives, offered encouragement, praise, and inspiration for my writings. Also, thanks to my dear friends, Mick and Barbara O’Connell, who not only offered their own encouragement, praise, and inspiration, but to Mick for taking the time to do a full edit of my text, catching spelling and grammar errors, and offering suggestions to content. (Both Mick and Barbara are now deceased and are greatly missed.) And finally, a “big” soulmate thanks to my dearest wife, best friend, and “partner-in-crime” writer, A.C. Cargill, who offered her own unlimited love, support, encouragement, inspiration, technical prowess with WordPress, and boundless patience with me and my writing during the two years it took to write this work (end of 2006 to end of 2008), while we both were also working full-time, composing music, and just living life. To all of you, a very warm thank you.

So, without further ado, I invite you into my world of thought and ideas regarding Capitalism vs. Statism. Enjoy!

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